TGIFriday and Christmas in July – Open up to see your present…

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TGIFriday and Christmas in July!
My gift to you is more freedom and I am so excited to release this abuse clearing audio MP3 and I REALLY want you to have it which is why we are offering it at a 46% discount, nearly half off the retail price for just 7 more days!

And I know that abuse is a strong word, but it also includes milder forms when you were criticized, taunted, or someone violated your trust, degraded you or showed aggressive or combative behavior toward you. If you don’t think your life has been affected by abuse, then keep reading because it’s happened to us ALL more often than we know. My alcoholic father used to beat me and my brother. At 28, my brother OD’d in our family home on drugs and alcohol. My punchline about marriage is that my 3-year marriage was the best 3 months of my life. These are just some examples of physical, emotional, and mental abuse and if you’ve been through a divorce, legal issues, family issues, counseling or addiction or know someone who has, then this audio is a must own! It took over a year to craft and record and I believe it can and will change your life and that of others!

My Beliefworks™ for Freedom from the Effects of Abuse

Click here to buy now – Just $31 for a limited time
From the Fish Box
"The clearing of abuse by Jimmy Mack literally blew me away! I’ve been working with abuse and past traumas for years and I haven’t seen or heard such comprehensive compilation of cases, places, events, possible scenarios, issues and energies anywhere else. I was surprised how listening to the audio cleared charge, stuckness and energies from this and other lifetimes that I wasn’t aware of. I work on myself and clients every day, I also have worked with Jimmy for years and it’s incredible how much past experiences I still carry in this lifetime. I am always so excited to discover and clear new layers and energies that might be standing in a way of me being everything I am. Thank you, Jimmy! You are amazing!!!"

~ Dr. Gosia Lorenz, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

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